Ambrosus Town Hall 5/6/22

3 min readMay 6, 2022

Key points from today’s call and what we did over the past week.

CEO Lang and Kevin were joined this week by Influencer Manager Lena and CTO Igor Stadnyk

Since our last chat with the community, it’s been a very busy week for the Ambrosus Ecosystem. Here are some of the objectives we’ve completed:

  • We partnered with a group called CoinNet that has helped manage Turkish communities for multiple other projects, the largest being the NEAR Protocol. With their assistance, we created a new official Turkish AMB telegram chat and are exploring new ways to expand our foothold in the Turkish market.
  • We also onboarded a new Turkish Community Manager, Josh, who has worked as a Binance Angel and possess high-level knowledge and connections to many groups, influencers, and exchanges. We look forward to working with him to reach new contacts and to take advantage of opportunities to spread awareness of the Ambrosus brand and blockchain.
  • Additionally, our EC01 campaign has officially begun as well. In collaboration with Davide Merulla and ZIMT, we have secured a number of units to send out to tech reporters and influencers as well as a few handpicked AMBassadors. We have been reaching out to YouTubers, bloggers, etc. and have also strategized with our PR Agency in the US, providing them documents they can use to secure placements regarding the EC01 and other Ambrosus developments in tier-1 and tier-2 media over the next few weeks. Specifically, we have influencer videos that will be dropping on May 9th and 11th, and we anticipate more contracts will be signed by this time next week.

Some other items of note from this week’s call:

  • Influencer Marketing Manager Lena was officially introduced to the community. She has 10+ years of PR and marketing experience, with her last position being with a large Forex broker that has over 60m clients. Since joining Ambrosus, she has been sourcing and evaluating many of the influencers we’ve been in contact with and has used her expertise to iterate contracts and informative documents with which to move forward.
  • Additionally, we were lucky enough to have our CTO Igor Stadnyk make an appearance. He was able to share with us a number of technical updates, including that the move to OpenEthereum is nearly complete with an expected finalization to occur early next week. He noted that the tech team has been working hard on the AMB-ETH bridge and that development is currently on schedule, and also that the team plans over the next couple weeks to begin work to allow the bridge to support other coins/tokens and to execute the same added functionality with an updated Ambrosus Network Explorer.
  • At this time, there are a number of operations that are currently ongoing and unable to be disclosed, but we will continue to keep the community updated to the best of our ability.

Lastly, Ambrosus has after nearly 4.5 years hit a milestone of 10k followers on Twitter. We plan to keep that and other social media figures increasing as we work to expand awareness and engagement around our project, and we greatly appreciate the Ambrosus community for supporting us as we navigate this critical period of development and growth. Thank you all, and we hope to see even more of you #Ambros on next week’s call!