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An update from our Head of Business Development Sergii Grygoriev.

Ambrosus Biz-Dev Head Sergii, somewhere in Turkey

“To make sure the Ambrosus Ecosystem continues to run at one-hundred percent, part of the business team has relocated to our Innovation Hub in Istanbul, Turkey, which we proudly announced in December of 2021.

Hello Ambrosus Community, I am Sergii, head of business development at Ambrosus. Istanbul is a large industrial trading and culture center connecting Europe and Asia; with a newly-built airport hub, it has become easier to reach the Ambrosus Innovation Hub from any part of the world. We’re welcoming all types of businesses searching for innovative solutions built on the Ambrosus blockchain. As Turkey is a large-scale manufacturer across a range of different verticals, we see the potential for services powered by Ambrosus here. For example, proof of product origin and supply chain traceability. We store all important information about a product in a decentralized manner: the geolocation of manufacturing facilities, the certificates of products, laboratory testing results, as well as the whole logistics traceability up until the end consumer. All this data is immutably stored on Ambrosus’s blockchain.

Having this transparent data always at hand is beneficial for every supply chain actor and can be used for different purposes, whether that be exchanging data between sellers and buyers, ensuring product origin has been verified, fulfilling compliance procedures, or simply gathering useful product statistics that can be used to drive efficiency or create better marketing campaigns.

Recently I have made a visit to Portugal to meet up with potential customers and explore their current innovative integrations. Businesses here are trying to leverage all the best agricultural opportunities, meaning they pay special attention to process automation. They use IOT sensors and precise farming activities, collecting statistics and performing AI data analytics. Here we have definitely found the potential to integrate Ambrosus’s blockchain solutions. We started a discussion around proof of product origin and supply chain traceability and we came to develop a new project based on AMB-NET. The project plays a very important role in the supply chain process and it is something that at the moment no competitors are paying attention to. Now, all I can say is that the project is rather complicated and will include different market participants such as agri-producers and logistic companies in this initial stage. To date, we are in the phase of business planning as the project should include several types of services, a marketplace on board, and a precise number of experienced staff.

We congratulate and give our respect to newly-announced CEO Mister Lang Mei. He is a very important acquisition for the Ambrosus Ecosystem. With his appointment, the ecosystem’s actions will be more structured and better divided within the team according to personal and professional skills and achievements; we are glad to cooperate side by side. You can see the new significant deliveries, and we are in better communication with you, our dear community, through regular online meetings and offline events, such as the one we recently attended at the awesome Cobac space. We are always open to provide you with our business and tech updates as well as to get your feedback and professional advice on how to improve our actions as well as which business direction to pay attention to.

The Ambrosus Ecosystem has partners and friends all around the world, especially in Ukraine. Currently the ecosystem members provide ongoing support to the military forces defending the country. Ambrosus delivers financial aid to the country and helps to purchase the necessary equipment. In this time of uncertainty, the company helps Ukrainian hospitals and is currently developing a technical support system for tracking humanitarian good to Ukraine. In these times, the world’s mass media is full of controversial and provocative content. The Ambrosus Ecosystem recommends to its members not to delve into negative discussions and to take care of your mental health, spending more time with your families and friends.

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